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Harrow & Haw. Gee & Glee: Oceanic Feeling.

June 12, 2016

Last night was the second time I walked behind the majestic team of black Percheron mares — Pat and Pearl. “It’s like spinning on a swing,” I attempt to explain to Matt Volz, owner of Greyrock Farm, grinning as he hands me last season’s potato. The potato unearthed just now, having spent the winter in the ground remains such a vibrant purple. Plowing with a horse-drawn harrow is like being on a swing spinning. When you are behind churning dirt and bobbing horse heads, it is thrilling and you … 

Your Mother and Your Grandmother's Recipes

June 03, 2016

Like many parts to my life, this volunteer group happened at random.  I was living in Waterville, NY and at the time working full time in Utica. By chance a request came through for a volunteer talk on diabetes in none-other than my hometown of Cleveland, NY. I jumped at this opportunity! I considered it a great chance to try public speaking, which all through school was my biggest fear. Sweating armpits, red face, totally checking out unable to recall what you just said or how you said it. … 

The Thinkers and The Dreamers A Band Without Any Instruments or Singers

May 19, 2016

For Essex Week One it was only fitting to bring Meg Lowe, the FoodFeasible culinary genius. Meg is a grad student working fulltime with a family of Andy Sims (bread baker), and three rowdy rescue dogs, Loki, Guido, and Tucker. I prefer to call Meg and Andy "Low-Simmer", some of the best meals are slow cooked like this ginger duo. I have the weekend all outlined with lease signing, farm meetings, and camping. I find myself pacing as I check the time

Catch Fish. Eat Whole. Write About It.

April 21, 2016

As FoodFeasible takes physical form, I find myself crossing paths with all sorts of intriguing people and events. I sometimes cannot differentiate between overpowering feelings of excitement, anticipation, and anxiety. Usually all overtaking me at once and I find myself at an aquaponics house or walking across a freshly plowed field ready for... 


March 24, 2016

“When what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” -Mahatma Gandhi.

After seven long years of college, I began practicing as a conventional dietitian.  In the last three years, I have worked in an amazing amount of job settings — skilled nursing, homecare, subacute rehab, freelance blogging, corporate wellness... 

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