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Puzzling Produce Videos

In partnership with Seven Valleys Health Coalition

Need help with Puzzling Produce?  Check out this series of short videos for recipe ideas, cutting techniques, and storage and handling tips for some common local veggies.  These videos were made in partnership with Seven Valleys Health Coalition with funding from a USDA FFMP grant.  A big thank you to Ben Augustine and Max Hoeschele Productions for film and video editing.  Music provided by Cortland's Local Farmers' Union band.

Quarantine Pantry

In partnership with Hamilton College


During the COVID pandemic we've all been forced to get creative.  In an effort to foster connection and promote healthy eating habits on campus, FoodFeasible started offering virtual cooking classes to Hamilton College students, and students loved it!  The classes became a time for students to forget the other stresses in their lives and to connect with each other over good food.  Students were given a different recipe each week, along with ingredients, many of which were sourced from local farmers and food producers. 

Let's Get Cortland

Cooking Healthy

In partnership with Seven Valleys Health Coalition

Utilizing ingredients commonly found at Farmers' Markets and in CSA shares, the recipes from this program aim to give participants some local and seasonal dishes to add to their repertoire.  


Cooking Classes at


These recipes were used for a series of cooking classes hosted by The Root Farm.  Classes were open to all community members, regardless of age or ability.   

Root Farm - Quick and Easy Meals Recipe

Quarantine Cooking Classes



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Cooking Classes


Chadwicks Campus

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