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Local Food Logistics

Need help with local sourcing?

Let FoodFeasible help.  Owner and founder, Lela Niemetz, and her husband, Matt Volz, know the challenges of local sourcing from both the buyer and the producer side.  Let us work on your behalf to make local sourcing not only possible, but efficient, effective, and economical.   We work with businesses, schools, skilled nursing facilities, and restaurants to help them navigate every step of the procurement process.  

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Lela has a passion for local sourcing, paired with a keen understanding of the needs of institutional buyers.  She has worked in numerous skilled nursing facilities, colleges, and universities in central NY and understands both the challenges and the opportunities facing institutions when it comes to sourcing local ingredients.  She is committed to creatively finding solutions.  


Matt has 15 years of farm experience, including almost 10 years of business ownership and 5 years running his own local food store.  Matt brings with him a network of farmers, food producers, and chefs who have experience producing, selling, and sourcing locally.  

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