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Education and Experiences

Farm Share Distributions 

Cooking and Nutrition Programming

In any setting.  For all ages and abilities.  Tailored to fit your audience.  Our cooking and nutrition programs are engaging and educational.  We've worked with businesses, primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, non-profits and private groups.  Our goal is always to provide a memorable experience that will instill in participants the benefits of cooking and eating locally.  

Farmer's Markets


We're now offering virtual cooking classes!  Our classes are interactive, engaging, and educational.  Participants receive all the locally-sourced ingredients they need to cook along with us.  For more information please email us.  


Quarantine Pantry

During the COVID pandemic we've all been forced to get creative.  In an effort to foster connection and promote wholesome eating habits on campus, FoodFeasible started offering virtual cooking classes to Hamilton College students, and students loved it!  The classes became a time for students to forget the other stresses in their lives and to connect with each other over good food.  Students were given a different recipe each week, along with ingredients, many of which were sourced from local farmers and food producers.  We're now offering the same program to food pantries, neighborhoods, businesses, etc.  For more information please contact us!

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